About Us


Yedidim understands that a bright future depends upon the success of today’s youth. Yedidim knows that a talented, dedicated and caring adult who shares a close companionship with a child can have a tremendous impact on the course of that child’s life. As such, we facilitate a one on one relationship between youth and mentors for Anglo teens and pre-teens living or studying in Israel. Our warm and caring mentors, who are primarily young married men and woman, inspire and empower today’s youth. enabling them to become the leaders of the next generation.


In 2004, Rabbi Yaacov Goodman observed that one of the most powerful and effective tools for helping teens and preteens were being largely neglected. With the encouragement of the gedolim, he set out with determination to launch an organization that would harness this powerful tool and utilize it to help boys and girls during their potentially turbulent teen and preteen years.

-The Need-
Many of today’s youth, even those from the best of families, find themselves struggling socially, emotionally, educationally and/or with family issues. This can often put them in danger of abandoning the ways of their fathers. They are searching for guidance; craving for someone to care about them..

-The Solution-
To create a relationship between the youth and a warm and caring adult mentor, who will respect, understand and care about them. With this in place the talented and dedicated mentors are in a position to have a positive influence on them and will then be able to help them navigate through their turbulent times.

-The Program-
Yedidim has developed a unique mentoring system which greatly increases the rate of success and achievement. We pair the youth with mentors who work with them, giving them tools to better prepare for their future.  These tools can be social, academic, and/or emotional.
Our on-staff social workers and counselors work closely with the mentors, schools, parents and other involved professionals to ensure the best care and maximum growth for each and every child.

-The Results-
Yedidim’s dedicated staff has been able to put thousands of today’s youth on the right track to becoming outstanding productive members of our community.


Yedidim-The road to a brighter future!