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Virtual rd Annual Chinuch Think Tank Event

For the greater Los Angeles Community



Opening Session on Thursday Night, 

Feb 11 – 8:30 PM

Main Session on Motzei Shabbos,

Feb 13th – 8:30 PM

Join us for 2 evenings of parenting and understanding current events with world-renowned Chinuch Experts.

Photos of all the rabbis presenting: Rabbi Zev Leff, abbi Sholom Tendler, Rabbi, Aaron Lopiansky, Rabbi Merdechai Becher, Rabbi Dovid Revah, Rabbi Dovid Kaplan. Moderated by Rabbi Yaacov Goodman

Giving over the Torah’s Hashkafa on Today’s Most Pressing issues to our children

Thursday Night

Rabbi Zev Leff, Rav And Rosh Hayeshiva Moshav Matityahu

Dealing with, and Growing from Adversary and Difficult Times


Rabbi Ahron Lopiansky, Rosh Hayeshiva Of The Yeshiva Of Greater Washington 

Anticipating the Unanticipated 


Motzei Shabbos Think Tank Sessions

  • Facing antisemitism

  • Insulating ourselves from today’s “progressive” world

  • Jewish Pride

  • Making it through COVID mentally & spiritually intact

  • Equal rights: how equal?

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The Chinuch of Today Weekend is sponsored by the Silverman children in the zechus for a quick and complete recovery of their father, Nachi Silverman

 נחום אברהם בן רבקה (Nachum Avraham Ben Rivka).


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Chinuch of Today, a program of Yedidim, is an Israeli-based nonprofit organization that gives struggling pre-teens and teens tools for life, enabling them to become successful members of society— at home, in school, with their peers, and in their futures.

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