Letter of Gratitude Weekend 2017

A letter of gratitude from a Yedidim parent who attended the Weekend Chinuch retreat


Dear Rabbi Goodman and the ENTIRE Yedidim Chinuch Weekend Staff,

We did not want to let even one day go by before thanking you for this amazing weekend. Every last detail was planned out beautifully, the guests each felt cared for and taken care of, the venue was lovely and peaceful, the list goes on.

The actual chomer of the weekend is something we can’t even describe. We felt so fortunate to have immediate and intimate access to many of the foremost mechanchim of our generation.  We came away from each lecture/workshop/panel discussion feeling (exactly as you put it) EMPOWERED to do the best for our children and our family. The gift of this weekend is priceless.

Hashem should continue to give each of you the strength and energy to continue this powerful weekend, and ALL of the crucial work that  you do for the children of Eretz Yisrael.

Thank you again!