Our Programs

Parental Guidance Center
When a child is struggling it is often difficult for parents to identify and
find the services they require. They know they need assistance but do not know where to turn, what intervention is needed or how to access available help. Due to this pressing need Yedidim has developed a Parental Guidance Center to service the Anglo community in Israel.

The Parental Gudance Center provides:
• Professional assessments and referrals
• Individualized guidance for parents
• Aliya related educational guidance and support
• School referrals service
• Parenting lectures and workshops
• Support groups
• Yearly Chinuch weekend retreat

Professional Mentoring
The Yedidim L’tzeirim Mentoring Program provides a bold step in helping struggling adolescents while they are still in elementary and high school. They may be struggling with the challenges of complicated home situations, lack of social skills or learning difficulties. Yedidim mentors serve as tutors and big brothers, helping them confront such issues as aliyah, school, social issues and difficulties at home. Over the years, Yedidim has ensured that thousands of youth, ages 7-17, become productive members of society by fostering a sense of accomplishment and healthy self-esteem.

Yedidim XL
Geared towards Yeshivos with a less rigid atmosphere, Yedidim XL has placed groups of talented and dedicated mentors in various programs and Yeshivos. Offering small interactive classes, one on one study programs, as well as special excursions, each program is designed to help build the mentor-student bond, which in turn influences the success of the student’s experience. Yedidim mentors function in a variety of capacities to help set the stage for the student’s growth, while encouraging positive change and establishing life-long connections. The mentors know that their close relationship, coupled with their caring and being a role model are the ingredients to help these boys get on track and become tomorrow’s leaders.