Yahrtzeit Sponsorships


A man who had recently lost his father approached the חזון איש for advice.


“I want to do something that will bring a lot of זכויות (merits) for my father’s נשמה. I thought of opening a גמ”ח where people can borrow money interest-free, and it will all be in my father’s זכות.”


The חזון איש replied, “It is true that it would be a tremendous merit for your father to open a גמ”ח in his memory. However, if you want to really add the most זכויות for your father, I have an idea for you. Find a boy who is struggling, learn with him, and set him up on his own two feet. When he gets married he will also have children dedicated to Torah, and their children will be dedicated to Torah, too. 


“A גמ”ח will help a certain number of people but by building a weak child into a person dedicated to תורה, the זכויות will be infinitely greater, forever. This is the way to bring the maximum merit to your father’s נשמה.” Click here to see the source in ספר מעשה איש


It is the Jewish custom to remember family members and friends on the anniversary of their passing. Kaddish – a memorial prayer is recited. A yahrzeit candle is lit. Tzedakah (charity) is given. Some families recite psalms or complete a tractate of Talmud or Mishna in honor of a yahrzeit.


Doing mitzvahs and giving charity are powerful ways to memorialize the passing of loved ones, who influenced and inspired us during their lives. 


And, by supporting Yedidim, you set a child up on his or her own two feet for the future. Yedidim offers various options to commemorate the passing of a loved one by giving charity in their memory.

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