When a Child's future is on the line,
Parents need a reliable resource.

Yedidim is an Israeli-based nonprofit organization that gives struggling pre-teens and teens tools for life, enabling them to become successful members of society— at home, in school, with their peers, and in their futures. Since 2004, Yedidim has partnered with more than 200 schools and helped more than 8,000 children in Israel thrive— inside and outside of the classroom.


Yedidim understands that a bright future depends upon the success of today’s youth. Yedidim knows that a talented, dedicated, and caring adult who shares a close companionship with a child can have a tremendous impact on the course of that child’s life. As such, we facilitate a one on one relationship between youth and mentors for Anglo teens and pre-teens living or studying in Israel. Our warm and caring mentors, who are primarily young married men and women, inspire and empower today’s youth, enabling them to become the leaders of the next generation.


Yedidim is committed to giving struggling pre-teens and teens the tools they need for life! We work together with parents and children to improve all areas of a child’s life.



“This organization should surely see bracha v’hatzlacha.”

“Yedidim is a necessary organization. Anyone who takes care of Hashem’s children can be assured that Hashem will take care of his children.”

“This program is extremely essential. We have already witnessed the great loss and damage that has been caused by the lack of such an organization. Let us generously support them so that they can save more neshamas. All those who support this program will be blessed greatly by Hashem, the source of all blessings.”

“I appeal from the depth of my heart on behalf of the outstanding organization Yedidim, which bears the trouble of our brothers and does whatever is necessary to save them. Those who support and aid this program will surely merit to have an abundance of nachas from all their offspring.”

“Yedidim provides a necessary support system for students coming from the U.S. and helps them leave the life of the street. Therefore we ask everyone to give generously. This merit will forever stand by your side.”

“I implore all my brothers to come to the aid of the indispensable organization called Yedidim. Yedidim renders a vital service by taking boys off the street and supplying them with a home filled with the love of Hashem and His Torah. It is a great mitzvah to help them. Whoever donates to them will be blessed with hatzlacha and nachas from his children.”



“This student has made a complete turnaround since he started working with his mentor.”

“Yedidim does great work; Students in my class who have Yedidim mentors have made tremendous strides.”

“Of course we want our son to continue with his mentor, he saved his life!”

“We have seen a tremendous change in our daughter both in school and at home.”

“Yedidim had a great impact on me and was a central part of the change for the better in my life.”

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