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Why Yedidim?

Yedidim understands that a bright future depends upon the success of today’s youth. Yedidim knows that a talented, dedicated and caring adult who shares a close companionship with a child can have a tremendous impact on the course of that child’s life. As such, we facilitate a one on one relationship between youth and mentors for Anglo teens and pre-teens living or studying in Israel. Our warm and caring mentors, who are primarily young married men and woman, inspire and empower today’s youth. enabling them to become the leaders of the next generation.

Parental Guidance Center

When a child is struggling it is often difficult for parents to…

When a child is struggling it is often difficult for parents to identify and find the services they require. They know they need assistance but do not know where to turn…

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Parental Guidance Center

Professional Mentoring

The Yedidim L’tzeirim Mentoring Program provides a bold step in helping struggling…

The Yedidim L’tzeirim Mentoring Program provides a bold step in helping struggling adolescents while they are still in elementary and high school….

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Professional Mentoring

Yedidim XL

Geared towards Yeshivos with a less rigid atmosphere, Yedidim XL has placed…

Geared towards Yeshivos with a less rigid atmosphere, Yedidim XL has placed groups of talented and dedicated mentors in various programs and Yeshivos….

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Yedidim XL
The Need

The Need

Many of today’s youth, even those from the best of families, find themselves struggling socially, emotionally, educationally and/or with family issues. This can often put them in danger of abandoning the ways of their fathers. They are searching for guidance; craving for someone to care about them.

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The Solution

The Solution

To create a relationship between the youth and a warm and caring adult mentor, who will respect, understand and care about them. With this in place the talented and dedicated mentors are in a position to have a positive influence on them and will then be able to help them navigate through their turbulent times.

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The Program

The Program

Yedidim has developed a unique mentoring system which greatly increases the rate of success and achievement. We pair the youth with mentors who work with them, giving them tools to better prepare for their future.  These tools can be social, academic, and/or emotional.
Our on-staff social workers and counselors work closely with the mentors, schools, parents and other involved professionals to ensure the best care and maximum growth for each and every child.

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The Results

Yedidim’s dedicated staff has been able to put thousands of today’s youth on the right track to becoming outstanding productive members of our community.

The numbers speak for themselves

Yedidim’s dedicated staff has been able to put thousands of today’s youth on the right track

to becoming outstanding productive members of our community.

Yedidim – The road to a brighter future!



Samplings of Success

Netanel’s family finally realized their dream, and immediately after his Bar Mitzvah they made aliyah. After the initial excitement wore off, Netanel came to the realization that life was going to be very different than what he was used to. Netanel spent the next four years going from yeshiva to yeshiva but never really fit in. His usual cheerful disposition turned to one of depression; his self-esteem was completely shattered. After joining one of Yedidim’s programs, he began spending time with a mentor who helped him rebuild his self-esteem and find his place. Netanel is now in a top yeshiva; a self-confident leader who is eager to help others.

Chani came from a good family that had made aliyah while she was in middle school. Although scholastically she was doing alright, her teachers felt she could use a little help on the side. They contacted Yedidim and she was paired up with a mentor who could help her along. When she entered 9th grade she ran into some problems with the principal. With the help and guidance of her mentor she was able to realize that she didn’t want to be in a place that didn’t want her, and therefore switched to another school. The new school was located out of her neighborhood and initially it was very difficult for her, but with her mentor at her side she persevered and did very well. Chani has since left the Yedidim program but still joins her mentor for Thursday night cooking sessions and remains extremely close to the mentor’s family.

Dovid was born into the perfect family. His parents were well known and respected in their community and his brothers were at the top of their prestigious yeshivos. Dovid, however, felt tremendous pressure to meet the standards of his high achieving family. Because he didn’t fit the mold of his family he started looking to feel acceptance and accomplishment elsewhere, leading him away from path of Torah. During this time Dovid joined one of Yedidim’s programs, and through the warm relationship which he developed with his mentor he started to feel the acceptance he had always craved. Dovid is now a fully dedicated Ben Torah and is currently learning in a high level yeshiva.

Binyamin was the typical yeshiva student, arriving in Israel to attend a solid yeshiva program. Although Binyamin knew how to learn, he still struggled sitting through a 3-4 hour learning seder. Another issue he wished to work on was his enjoyment in learning. He had been learning for years without feeling the joy and excitement he had hoped to feel. At the recommendation of his yeshiva, Binyamin was paired up with a learning partner through the Yedidim Mentoring Program. Not only was Binyamin able to sit through long hours of learning, he was also taught how to attain complete clarity in a piece of gemara, thereby helping him not only to feel an acceptance of learning but also an excitement towards it. This also helped form a strong bond between student and mentor, which would last for many years.


“This student has made a complete turnaround since he started working with his mentor.”

“Yedidim does great work; Students in my class who have Yedidim mentors have made tremendous strides.”

“Of course we want our son to continue with his mentor, he saved his life!”

“We have seen a tremendous change in our daughter both in school and at home.”

“Yedidim had a great impact on me and was a central part of the change for the better in my life.”


“This organization should surely see bracha v’hatzlacha.”

“Yedidim is a necessary organization. Anyone who takes care of Hashem’s children can be assured that Hashem will take care of his children.”

“This program is extremely essential. We have already witnessed the great loss and damage that has been caused by the lack of such an organization. Let us generously support them so that they can save more neshamas. All those who support this program will be blessed greatly by Hashem, the source of all blessings.”

“I appeal from the depth of my heart on behalf of the outstanding organization Yedidim, which bears the trouble of our brothers and does whatever is necessary to save them. Those who support and aid this program will surely merit to have an abundance of nachas from all their offspring.”

“Yedidim provides a necessary support system for students coming from the U.S. and helps them leave the life of the street. Therefore we ask everyone to give generously. This merit will forever stand by your side.”

“I implore all my brothers to come to the aid of the indispensable organization called Yedidim. Yedidim renders a vital service by taking boys off the street and supplying them with a home filled with the love of Hashem and His Torah. It is a great mitzvah to help them. Whoever donates to them will be blessed with hatzlacha and nachas from his children.”

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