Is your child struggling? Feeling anxious or nervous? Feeling alone?

Watching your kid struggle is painful. Not knowing how to help them is worse.

Every child has both the right and the capability to succeed! Yedidim has helped more than 8,000 children in Israel thrive and we are here for you too!  Our individualized mentorship program helps children succeed in school and life. 

Yedidim’s Professional Mentoring Program is very unique.  Teens and pre-teens are paired with dedicated mentors, who create a deep relationship with the mentee and who serve as role models to help the mentee through his or her personal trials and tribulations.  

Unlike other mentoring programs, Yedidim mentors are guided by professionals – social workers and psychologists who assess the child’s progress on a regular basis and, together with the mentors, sets goals to best help the child. 

The social workers also work hand in hand with the parents, schools, and therapists that may be involved in the case. This holistic approach helps maximize the advancement and development of the child. 

We respect your privacy. Speak to us to ask questions and learn more.

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