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Yedidim gives struggling pre-teens and teens tools for life, enabling them to become successful members of society— at home, in school, with their peers, and in their futures. Since 2004, Yedidim has partnered with more than 200 schools and helped more than 8,000 children in Israel thrive.

Professional Mentoring

Yedidim’s Professional Mentoring Program is very unique. Teens and pre-teens are paired with dedicated mentors, who create a deep relationship with the mentee and who serve as role models to help the mentee through his or her personal trials and tribulations.

Unlike other mentoring programs, Yedidim mentors are guided by professionals – social workers, and psychologists who assess the child’s progress on a regular basis and, together with the mentors, sets goals to best help the child.

The social workers also work hand in hand with parents, schools, and therapists that may be involved in the case. This holistic approach helps maximize the advancement and development of the child.

Parental Guidance and Consultations

Parenting is tough, and good parents also need someone to talk to who understands and advocates for them – especially in unfamiliar territories.  

The Yedidim Parental Resource Center was created with the objective of supporting parents by providing them with the guidance and resources to address the Israeli educational and mental health systems.  In addition, our team of professionals provide in-house individual therapies and guidance to strengthen and empower parents. 

Our team of experts will help empower you and give you the tools needed to deal with any issues you or your children are struggling with – emotional, social, and academic.  

Chinuch of Today

Today’s answers to today’s questions for today’s times.

Yedidim’s international branch enables us to reach a broader audience, providing the opportunity to learn from our chinuch experts on how to deal with today’s contemporary issues. 

Chinuch of Today offers professionally arranged weekends, lectures, online webinars, workshops, and sessions in the United States and around the world. Learn more about our programs to get educated and be inspired on a wide variety of topics – panel discussions, classes, and one-on-one sessions with chinuch experts. 

Contact us to bring Chinuch of Today to your community.

School Referrals

Yedidim’s School Referral Service enables parents to make informed and intelligent decisions concerning their children’s education.  

When choosing a school, it is important to take all of the child’s unique needs and circumstances into account. When parents don’t understand the systems and the frameworks in Israel, it makes it challenging for them to find the appropriate fit. Our professionals sit with parents and children in order to understand your childs’ strengths, needs, and wants to determine the best educational option for them. 


When a child is in an educational framework that is not meeting their needs, Yedidim is here to help you choose a better system for your child, thus enabling the best opportunity for a successful future.

Webinars, Workshops, and Support Groups

Part of Yedidim’s mission is to provide parents with the guidance and resources to address the needs of themselves and their children. Lately, we have moved all of our workshops, support groups, and lectures online so parents and educators from all around the world can participate and become empowered and inspired!

Topics include: Supporting your ADHD child, Understanding your sensory-challenged child, Communicating with your teenagers, Single mother support groups, and more.

Click here to learn more about webinars.

Aliyah Guidance

Yedidim understands the challenges of moving to Israel. Choosing the right school and community can be equally as challenging.   


What educational systems do your children currently attend?  What are your goals for your children in moving to Israel? What are your children’s specific needs? 


Our professional staff will meet with parents, prior to moving, in order to help educate and best support their children pre and post-move.   Parents who understand the school systems and its subtleties will be better equipped to enable a successful move for their children.

For questions about our programs, or to speak with a member of our team, fill out the form and we will be in touch shortly.