Parental Guidance

Parenting Can Feel Overwhelming

When a child’s future is on the line, parents need a reliable resource. We are here for you! We understand you and your struggles. Yedidim’s team of experts gives you the tools to deal with the issues you or your children are struggling with.

Parenting is tough. Parenting in unfamiliar territories can be extra challenging – especially if you don’t know where to turn for guidance and answers. 

The Yedidim Parental Resource Center was created with the objective of supporting parents by providing them with the guidance and resources to address the Israeli educational and mental health systems.  In addition, our team of professionals provides in-house individual therapies and guidance to strengthen and empower parents. 

Our team of experts will help empower you and give you the tools needed to deal with any issues you or your children are struggling with – emotional, social, and academic. 

Know what resources your community has for you and your family. We provide school referrals and consultation, parental guidance and support groups, therapy, and more…

We respect your privacy. Speak to us to ask questions and learn more.

Phone: 02-540-9000 | Email: [email protected]